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Are you tired of working hard for your money, only to have it stolen by your employer? If so, then it’s time to take action and contact an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire today. In this blog post, we will explore what unpaid wages are, how an attorney can help you recover them, and why choosing a specialized lawyer is essential.
What Are Unpaid Wages and How Can an Attorney Help?
Unpaid wages refer to any compensation that an employee has earned but not received from their employer. This could include overtime pay, bonuses, commissions, or even regular wages. When an employer fails to pay these wages, they are violating federal and state labor laws, which protect workers’ rights.

An Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire  can help employees recover the money they rightfully deserve. They can file lawsuits against employers on behalf of their clients, negotiate settlement agreements, and represent them in court if necessary. An experienced attorney understands the complex legal process involved in recovering unpaid wages and can guide their client through each step.
Common Reasons for Unpaid Wages in the Workplace
There are many reasons why an employer may withhold wages from their employees. Some common examples include:

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors to avoid paying taxes and other expenses
Failing to pay overtime or minimum wage
Deducting unauthorized fees or deductions from paychecks
Not paying terminated employees their final paychecks promptly

Understanding Your Rights as an Employee
As an employee, you have certain rights when it comes to getting paid. These include:

The right to be paid at least minimum wage
The right to receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 per week
The right to receive your paycheck on time
The right to keep track of your work hours and request payment for any missed breaks or lunch periods

The Legal Process of Recovering Unpaid Wages
Recovering unpaid wages requires taking legal action against your employer. Here are some steps that an unpaid wages attorney may take on your behalf:

1. Send a demand letter – This is a formal notice sent to your employer asking for payment of the owed wages.

2. File a complaint with the Department of Labor (DOL) – The DOL investigates claims of unpaid wages and can force employers to pay back wages plus penalties.

3. File a lawsuit – If the DOL does not resolve the issue, an attorney can file a lawsuit against the employer seeking damages.

Speak to an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire to help you out with these.
Why Choose a Specialized Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire?
Choosing a specialized unpaid wages attorney is crucial because these cases require specific knowledge of labor laws and experience handling similar cases. A general practice attorney may not have the expertise needed to effectively represent you. Additionally, hiring a specialist increases your chances of winning your case and receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire 
Q: What Is Unpaid Wages Law?

Ans: Unpaid wages law consists of legal standards and regulations designed to guarantee employees receive all compensation due them for their efforts, such as regular salaries, overtime pay, bonuses, or any other form of financial reward for performing services they were legally contracted to perform. This may include regular wages as well as overtime pay.

Q: How Can I Determine If I Have An Unpaid Wages Claim

Ans: If your hours worked have gone unrewarded or overtime pay has not met legal standards and has not been received according to state requirements, initial consultation with an unpaid wages lawyer could determine your claim eligibility.

Q: What documents should I bring when meeting with an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire  for the first time?

Ans: To facilitate our meeting effectively and ensure success for both sides, please bring any important documentation regarding employment/pay issues, such as pay stubs, employment contracts, and timesheets that pertain to your case.

Q: How Long Am I Allowed To File An Unpaid Wages Claim in Hampshire? 

Ans: Each jurisdiction’s statute of limitation for unpaid wage claims may differ, with up to three years from when your wages were due being available before filing suit. However, it’s wise to consult an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire  immediately to file on time and avoid costly delays with filing your case against an employer.

Q: How Can an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire  Assist Me? 

Ans: An unpaid wages attorney can evaluate your case, collect all relevant documentation, and negotiate with your employer to recover unpaid wages plus damages or attorney’s fees as necessary.

Q: Are There Any Upfront Costs When Hiring an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire ? 

Ans: Many unpaid wages lawyers work on a contingency fee basis; that means they’ll only charge fees if your claim succeeds, though some may also require an initial consultation fee. Be sure to inquire about fee structures during your initial meeting!

Q: What is the typical timeline for resolving an unpaid wages claim?

Ans: Resolving unpaid wage claims depends upon several factors, including the case’s complexity, evidence available, and cooperation from your employer. At the same time, some cases can be resolved quickly through negotiations or litigation proceedings.

Q: Can I Still File for Unpaid Wages If My Employment Has Ended?

Ans: Yes, even though your employment with the company no longer exists, you still have the right to claim unpaid wages, as your right to payment does not end with it.

Q: What should I do if my employer retaliates against me for making an unpaid wages claim?

Ans: Retaliation against anyone making unpaid wage claims is illegal. If this has occurred to you – such as termination, demotion, or harassment – contact your lawyer as soon as possible because additional claims may be available against your employer.
If you suspect that your employer is withholding wages that you have earned, don’t hesitate to contact an unpaid wages attorney today. You work hard for your money, and no one should be allowed to steal it from you. If you believe you have a case of unpaid wages, contact Lytle & Barszcz today to learn more from an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Hampshire . Our consultations are free.

$2 Million dollar jury verdict for minimum wage worker obtained by Lytle & Barszcz in a federal court trial in the United States District Court Middle District of Florida.

The Plaintiff was a minimum wage worker and had been employed less than one (1) month at the Burger King franchise. About a year before working for the company in 2017, she was in a horrific car accident that led to her needing the trachea tube in order to breathe. She was hired by a manager who was informed about the tube and saw it during her initial interview, but a “higher management official” came to the store after she started working and directed that she be terminated because of the trachea tube.

The jury’s award includes $2 million in punitive damages, as well as $30,000 for emotional pain and mental anguish, and $15,519.60 for lost wages, after just a two day trial.

If you think you may have a claim for disability discrimination, contact Lytle & Barszcz today to learn more. Our consultations are free.

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