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Sedgwick Overtime Action

After successfully representing over one hundred Hartford Analysts nationwide who process disability claims, and obtaining financial recoveries for them, Lytle & Barszcz has been retained by current and former Sedgwick employees who process disability claims to represent them in a lawsuit for unpaid overtime.


What is the Sedgwick class action?

The case of Easterwood et al v. Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. is currently before the Federal Court in Orlando, Florida. The plaintiffs in Easterwood work, or worked, for Sedgwick, and currently process or processed disability claims for Sedgwick, and were classified as exempt and paid a salary.  As a result, these individuals are seeking damages for unpaid overtime pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Although the case was filed in Orlando, Florida, Sedgwick employees who process or processed disability claims in states nationwide are eligible to join the action.

What do I need to do if I believe I should be included in the lawsuit?

You must act quickly! Under the Fair Labor Standards Act an employee may seek damages for unpaid overtime for a specific period of time; however, the first day of the “lookback” period is not set until you file an “Opt-In” notice with the federal court, stating your intent to be a part of the national class. This means that every day that passes by is another day that falls outside of the lookback period, limiting the amount of unpaid overtime you may pursue. If you are interested in learning more about this case you may call Lytle & Barszcz at 1-855-598-5352 or 407-622-6544.



It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee for pursuing claims for overtime pay. As such, if you are hesitant to join due to current employment with Sedgwick, you may call Lytle & Barszcz at 1-855-598-5352 or 407-622-6544 to discuss your protected status under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


To proceed with your overtime claim as a part of the Federal Court action, contact Lytle & Barszcz today!

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