Reputable Unpaid overtime Attorneys

Reputable Unpaid overtime Attorneys Wins Progressive Casualty Class Action

Reputable Unpaid overtime Attorneys-Lytle & Barszcz Successfully Obtains Settlement on behalf of salaried employees against Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.

Reputable Unpaid overtime Attorneys

As reported in Bloomberg Law, the law firm of Lytle & Barszcz, P.A., successfully obtained a settlement from Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. on behalf of twenty-three (23) salaried claims processors for unpaid overtime. 

These Plaintiffs worked as “Medical Rep Associate[s] and/or Medical Rep Intermediate[s]” for Progressive and worked overtime without receiving overtime pay, in violation of the FLSA. (Doc. 182, p. 1).

The parties reached a $771,912.30 deal to resolve their wage-and-hour dispute. (Doc. 181-1).

If you are currently or have been salaried with an employer working as a Med Rep, Medical Representative Associate, Med Rep Int, Medical Rep Intermediate or similar, and you have worked more than forty hours in a workweek, call our firm. Even if your employer told you that you are not owed overtime due to your salaried exemption status, you may still be entitled to overtime. Due to the complex statute of limitations associated with overtime pay, it is in your best interest to act immediately if you believe you are owed overtime. Every workweek that goes by without you acting, you lose money.  

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