Recovery of Unpaid Overtime FL


The decision to fight for what is rightfully yours should not be a hard one to make. Unfortunately, that is the situation most employees find themselves in. Such a dilemma is, however, understandable. You most likely have played out several scenarios of how it would go and their possible outcomes. 

It’s okay to be sceptical but all thoughts and no action never helped anyone get what they want. Whether your employer is powerful or a big name, the fact remains that the law is there to uphold and protect your rights and we take it upon ourselves to see to that. 

We are not new to the job. Over the past decades, we have handled numerous cases for employee clients who were once in your shoes. Whether it be through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or class-action litigation, our goal is to get you what is rightfully yours. Our results speak for us. Check out some cases we have successfully won for our clients.

Feel free to contact us immediately for a free consultation. Let’s determine the next step to take towards obtaining what is yours.

Lytle & Barszcz Successfully Obtains Settlement on behalf of salaried employees against Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.

As reported in Bloomberg Law, the law firm of Lytle & Barszcz, P.A., successfully obtained a settlement from Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. on behalf of twenty-three (23) salaried claims processors for unpaid overtime. These Plaintiffs worked as “Medical Rep Associate[s] and/or Medical Rep Intermediate[s]” for Progressive and worked overtime without receiving overtime pay, in violation […]

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Lytle & Barszcz Sues Sedgwick for Failing to Pay Overtime

What are the Sedgwick class actions? Lytle & Barszcz successfully obtained $5.6 million in financial recoveries for two hundred salaried Sedgwick employees processing disability claims in March of 2021. The case was Easterwood et al. v. Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. before the Federal Court in Orlando, Florida. Different cases followed and one is currently pending:  Gibbs v. […]

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Lawsuit against Hartford for Unpaid Overtime

New Lawsuit against Hartford for Unpaid Overtime Hartford Overtime Action. After Obtaining a $3.67 Million Dollar Settlement in an overtime lawsuit against Hartford Fire Insurance Company on behalf of Analysts who process disability claims, Lytle & Barszcz has filed a new overtime lawsuit against Hartford: Allen et al. v. Hartford Fire Insurance Company. In the Allen case, former […]

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